The Rice African American Network (RAAN) grew out of a series of discussions regarding the lack of opportunity to develop connections for African Americans across the campus. Some discussions stem from the 40th anniversary of the first African American students to enter Rice University as undergraduates and earn degrees from the university. The 2007 event included a panel session of Black alumni. Each member of the panel spoke passionately about the support they received from Black staff members.
More recently, feedback from current and former students has revealed that they wish for closer contact with staff. In addition, many African American staff members do not know each other.
With these issues in mind, the specific goals for RAAN include, but are not limited to:
  • Fostering a sense of community and mutual support among staff and students through mentoring, networking and social activities.
  • Serving as a vehicle to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas throughout the network and the campus.
  • Assisting the campus community in addressing issues related to enhancing the campus climate.

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