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The Rice University Commitment to Cultural Inclusiveness

Rice University is convinced that it can most effectively carry out its “Enduring Vision” in a learning community drawn from the full range of ethnic and cultural traditions represented in Houston, our nation and throughout the world. Further, in the spirit of academic excellence, the University recognizes its educational responsibility to prepare its students to live, work, serve, and lead in our increasingly diverse society.

The Rice commitment to cultural inclusiveness, therefore, is not represented merely in numerical terms. It is much more. It represents a way of thinking, seeing, and behaving that demonstrates a learned understanding and respect for all ethnic and cultural traditions. Cultural inclusiveness at Rice embodies the University’s commitment to an atmosphere of civility and rich dialogue where these various traditions can contribute to a sharing of perspectives in the pursuit of scholarship and truth. It includes the acknowledgment -- both individual and collective -- of those ethnic or racial groups whose contributions to the history of our nation and the University deserve far more recognition than they have been accorded in the past. It also includes the recognition and celebration of the cultural differences that bind together the Rice community.

Adopted unanimously by the Rice University Board of Trustees September 1997.

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